The lady I sat next to on the plane had a dog, it was so cute but so sad because she had to be in a doggy bag and stay under the seat

Finally made it to the east coast

I’ve literally have been playing Pokemon this whole flight


theres nothing i hate more than going in a tag and seeing the same shitty post 37 times with weheartit sources

literally got so pissed at lacing my shoes I looked up a tutorial on how to do it smh




what i’ve learned from this website is that straight people are so sensitive and get offended really easily it’s cute


what ive learned from this website is that if that word was replaced with gay then you would get your panties in a bunch. don’t generalize


This girl thinks her opinion matters but what matters is that iceberg lookin eyeshadow you dusting for the Titanic???????

Title: "I'm straight."
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i think about this video almost every day and i am so frightened of it

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I am actually crying from laughter. You are a perfect person, and don't let any straighties bring you down.

jesus christ why do you have to keep hating on straight people. a majority of us are fine with gay people.

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it is a rare selfie, you only see one every 100 years

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Why does every gay person have to make something that offends straight people?

Your theme is what’s offensive