I’ve seen A LOT of tutorials on how to achieve a relatively close effect of the marina cover and I made a tutorial of my own and it comes out to this:

Things you will need is the picture (x) and a scanlines texture (x) you can use any scanline texture you want.

First duplicate 2 times and have two layers from your original

Then select the middle layer and go to Image → Adjustments → Levels

Then once in the Levels menu, click the channel window below and select RED


Then take the middle cursor in the Input Levels and move it ALL THE WAY TO THE RIGHT

Then you should notice the middle layer turns completely cyan

OK so do the same to the top layer EXCEPT you go to the channel window and select green, which should turn the top layer completely red.

now your layers list should look like this

Then select the top layer (the red one) and change its blending mode to LIGHTEN

which then it should look normal, but if you nudge it to the right (use your arrow keys to nudge) it should make the 3D effect!

Adjust it how you like it mine came out like this:

Also, you may get the dark blue lines or red lines on your photo, Just crop it out and change it’s image size but to 500px by 500px. it won’t harm the out come as mine is already cropped.

Ok so now duplicate your bottom layer and move it to the top and change the opacity to your liking mine is on 30%

and the result is:

Then duplicate the bottom layer once more, and move it to the top and go to Filter → Blur → Gaussian Blur

And then change the opacity, mine is 35%

and should look like this:

Then duplicate the blurred layer and nudge it three times, it will create a distorted effect. Set the opacity to 42% and it will look hazy and have a dream effect. Mine came out as this:

Then duplicate the bottom layer again, move it all the way to the top and set its blending mode to Linear Burn, then set its opacity to 37%. This will create a darker burn effect and tone down the dreamy/hazy effect we created

and it comes out like this:

Then create a Brightness/Contrast Layer and set it to this:

and comes out looking like this:

(Also some want more 3D effect, so you can just decrease the opacity of previous layers, you’ll have to play around, but that’s more of a personal preference so it’ll be left out for now)

Ok so now for the scan lines! Download the scan lines I gave previously and open them up and move them over to the window of your edit

Once the texture is on, set its blending mode to Soft Light and change its opacity, mine is 31% but you can change it to whatever you’d like.

And mine is now like this:

Ok so now for the finishing touches, now make a gradient map by going to Layer → New Adjustment Layer → Gradient Map

Then change the Gradient Map to Black and White (it should be a default gradient) Then change the opacity to 20%

And mine this my outcome

Then make a curves layer and change its adjustment to this:

(I realize this may be hard to copy but just do your best and it should come out fine)

And mine came out to be:

And that’s it, I hope you enjoy and my askbox is here if you have any questions!

Also sorry if this doesn’t turn into a Read More, it’s not an option on photo posts.

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